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  1. I was wondering what I could do about wanting to tryout for something but being unable to make the tryout time due to other conflicting things like work

  2. Hello coach,

    My name is Luckian Campos, I am an international student from Brazil. I am eagerly searching for universities where I can continue and further my education while also playing League of Legends. I’m currently enrolled and studying at Central Christian College of Kansas. I am Junior and I’ve been playing League of Legends since Season 2. I was Platinum last season and my passion is to play competitively at University of Kansas. I am also a heavily involved student at my campus. I was elected as a student body senator for a one year term where I had the opportunity to represent the athletics department by advocating the wants and needs of athletic students and athletes and I do volunteer work to help the community. While building a strong connection between the students and athletic faculty and staff I learned and developed strong leadership skills. I plan to be active in the university I’m granted the opportunity to attend. I’d like to extend a humble request to be considered as a prospective student of Midland University. I’m highly interested in furthering my education, playing competitive League of Legends and becoming involved with the university.

    I look forward to hearing from you coach and I appreciate your time.

    Luckian Campos.

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