League of Legends Team

League of Legends Team

Our League of Legends team is looking to improve on their performance from last year where they fell to Central Michigan in the round of 32 for the North region.  This year we see the return of mid laner Mark “Masklink12” Anderson, as well as bot lane duo Henry “Dem Boyz” Grazier and Mitchel “Chilling” Slavens.  New editions to the team this year are top laner Nathan “SKT Woof” Jones and Jungler Trevor “Trevorius” Schul.

Meet The Team

Nathan “SKT Woof” Jones

Top Lane
From: Valley Center, Kansas
Junior majoring in Management Information Systems
Proud to serve the country along with playing on the A Team.


Trevor “Trevorius” Schul

From: Valley Center, Kansas
Junior majoring in Marketing
Multi-sport collegiate e-athlete. Ladies please slide in my DMs @ twitter.com/trevoriusOW


Mark “Masklink12” Anderson

Mid Lane
From: Lenexa Park, Kansas
Junior majoring in Management Information Systems
Possibly is a Shark/Snake.


Mitchell “Chilling” Slavens

From: Eudora, Kansas
Junior majoring in Computer Science
I play support for the K-State League of Legends Team. I am also basically Henry’s Mom.


Henry AKA “Dem Boyz”

From: Kansas City, Kansas
Sophmore majoring in Management Information Systems
I am a disgusting one trick Sona ardent abuser in season 7. I do not deserve my rank and the only thing that I know how to do is mash my W key. Thank you.


Nigel “Algoo” Algoo

Mid Lane Sub
From: Junction City, Kansas
Freshman majoring in Electrical Engineering
I literally pop off in every match. I am too powerful for the rift. I am Pickle Rick.


Tony “Subject 18” Ngassi

From: Columbia, Missouri
Junior majoring in Biology
I’m the Bobby Fischer of everything I touch. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @ Tngassi