Overwatch Team

Overwatch Team

Last year our Overwatch team took the TCS by storm after an decent finish in the Overwatch Summer Series.  The team sees a lot of key players returning with Trevor “Trevorius” Schul, Ricardo “ㄒ卂ㄒ乇尺” Gonzalez, Mitchell “hachik0” Pearsall-Toetz, and Sam “tb0ne” Smith.  The team would still need to replace some key talent though with Blaine “Deadly” Steckline studying abroad in Japan plus the departures of Evan “Evmista” Brandt and Nathan “Archenemy” Jones.  Those holes were filled by Alex “Bonobo” Schul and Victor “ChaosElf” Arrellaga.  They are looking to seal the deal this year and bring themselves home some precious scholarship money

Meet the Team

Sam “Tb0ne” Smith

From: Wichita KS
Junior majoring in Philosophy
I am the captain of KSU’s Overwatch team. I’ve always had a big passion for e-sports and online competition and my goal is to expand e-sports and the college scene wherever I go.

Trevor “Trevorius” Schul

From: Valley Center KS
Junior majoring in Marketing
Multi-sport collegiate e-athlete. Ladies please slide in the DMs @ twitter.com/trevoriusOW


Alex “Bonobo” Schul

From: Wichita KS
Freshman majoring in Chemical Engineering
One of the best video gamers that will ever grace this earth.


Mitchell “HachikO” Pearsall-Toetz

From: Manhattan KS
Sophomore majoring in Business
Collegiate e-athlete and emote master. Diehard vereen trooper.


Ricardo “Tater” Gonzalez

From: Kansas City KS
Junior majoring in Geography
Tater Support for KSU Ogrewatch team. Tater has been playing Overwatch since it’s release and since then has competed in many tournaments including the Tespa Collegiate Series, KC GameOn, and the Overwatch open division where his team finished in 9th place out of 170 teams. His hobbies include cooking, biking, and napping. Tater is tired of Overwatch and likes playing CSGO and LoL in his free time.


Victor “ChaosElf” Arrellaga

From: Paraguay
Senior majoring in Civil Engineering
I am an international student from Paraguay studying CE. I have been playing video games since I was 8 years old started with a PlayStation 1 and much later started gaming on a PC.