Team White was initially set aside to be a spiritual c team to Team Purple and Team Powercat.  They crept into the top 16 of the second qualifier tournament and were heavily overlooked going into ladder play.  They started off rough, going 0-2 because of a disconnect issue, and then rebounded to win 13 straight and finish with a record of 13-3 in the open ladder, the best among all K-State Teams.  The team is consist of Brandon “CptnObservant” Pugh, Isaac “Iceic” Gutsch, Juan “Modern_Clipz7” Hernandez, and Noah “Juggl3s” Schmeissner.  We will defiantly keep an eye on these guys in the future to make sure they get the credit they deserve.

Meet the Team

Brandon “CptnObservant” Pugh


From: Wichita, KS
Sophomore majoring in Computer Science
I try to focus on the small details. It’s the big picture that I usually miss.


Isaac “Iceic” Gutsch


From: Eudora, KS
Freshman majoring in Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Practice makes perfect, unless you are me. Then you suck until you don’t anymore.


Noah “Juggl3s” Schmeissner


From: Valley Falls, KS
Junior majoring in German and Financial Management
I have been juggling for 6 years now, and I am currently a competitive juggler. I enjoy video games, and by video games I mean I literally only play Rocket League.


Juan “Modern_Clipz7” Hernandez


From: Dodge City, KS
Sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering
Well, I really enjoy video games, music, soccer, abstract theories, paranormal stuff, sleeping and dachshunds. I am rather shy but pretty easy going once you get to know me.