All important information for the Heartland Community Showdown for everyone, spectators included, will be sent on our Tournament Discord – please click here to join.

We are going to limit the number of schools for each game to 8 for Overwatch and 16 for CS:GO.  We would also like to be clear that teams that are eliminated can stay at the event, if they so choose, to participate in the fun.



First stage games will be best of 3.  An internal round-robin format determines the best three teams in each of two pools.  The top team from each pool gets a bye round in stage two, which is a single-elimination bracket of best-of-5 matches.  A consolation match will be played to determine third place.  Each round will consist of two flights, with a maximum of 2 games operating at once.

CounterStrike:  Global Offensive

A double-elimination bracket of a maximum of 16 teams.  Each round will consist of two flights, with a maximum of 4 games operating at once.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Singles and doubles.  Total prize pool of $500.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Singles and doubles.  Total prize pool of $500.


Each game will have its individual match rules posted at a later date, and all teams will be notified when they are posted.  Entry fees for Overwatch will be $25 per person, with 100% going to the prize pool.  Entry fees for Smash Bros. Ultimate and Melee will be $10 per entry ($10 for singles, $5 for one member of a doubles team).  Entry fees for CS:GO are $50 per person, and teams can qualify here for the N3rd Street National Series, as we are a recognized minor tournament.

Spectators, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros:  Sign up here.

CS:GO:  Sign up here.

Payment will be by cash or card on site.

For additional information, please email us at