February Fun Tournament – In Review

February Fun Tournament – In Review

We would firstly like to thank everyone who participated in our various tournaments.  Without you guys and your enthusiasm for video games and esports, none of this would be possible.   We hope that you had a great time and that you join us for future events.  If you missed it, here is a quick rundown for you.

Our day started off a little rough, since we couldn’t log into one of the labs we had reserved, which at first wasn’t that big of an issue.  League of Legends play started after teams were formed, and some enjoyment was had spectating the games.  Herathstone and Overwatch were the next to begin, but had to start a little late while we transferred the LoL tournament into the correct lab after gaining access to the computers.  Overwatch had a 1 v 1 tournament, while Hearthstone had a simple meet and great as they played some friendly games.

The 2 Smash bros. tournaments started next with both tournaments going off without a hitch, and upon completing the tournaments some friendly crew battles took place.  Rocket League saw 5 teams that were all very evenly matched, as all the teams were able to get a victory.  CS:GO was the last to start and with an underwhelming turnout the players had to settle on some friendly in house 5 v 5 action.  This didn’t stop any of them from having arguably the most fun out of anyone.

The conclusion of our LoL tournament took place after the group stage, with the best 4 teams squaring off against one another, leading to an exciting final match.  We then raffled away our Tespa and Twitch goodies to all the lucky recipients , and called it a day.  Overall we had lots of fun putting on the event and hope that everyone who participated did too.  If you would like to see pictures from the event you can check them out here on our Facebook page.

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