February Fun Tournament

February Fun Tournament

Announcing the February Fun Tournament!  The free to enter tournament will be held on Saturday, February 18th, in Durland Expansion room 1116, and will feature League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Smash 4, Rocket League, and CS:GO.  All players will register solo and teams (for the team based games) will be created based on players ranks in the respective game.  The goal is to create the most balanced teams possible in order to give everyone an equal chance to win.  The tournaments for Smash and Hearthstone will be unaffected by this, and be played in double elimination format.  All tournament formats and brackets will be fully decided, and are subject to cancellation if there is not enough expressed interest.  Players are encouraged to bring their own gaming peripherals such as controllers, mouse, keyboards, and headset. (FYI: some computers have weird audio and require a USB headset instead of a traditional headphone jack).  We will also be having a raffle for all players who enter any of the tournaments for the games we will be playing.  The raffle will consist of items that we will be getting from Tespa which consist of various goodies such as: Winston plushies, water bottles, bottle openers, T-shirts, and more.  Additionally, anyone who says they are going to the event on our Facebook Page will receive an additional raffle ticket towards the grand prize raffle.  For additional info and sign up forms for the various tournaments, please look below.


  • League of Legends
    • Sign up form
    • Expect group format, most likely Swiss format, various Riot games prizing including RP
    • Sign-ins begin at 9:00, games asap.
  • Overwatch
    • Sign up form
    • Expect group format, with most teams, if not all, still going to bracket stage.
    • Vote will be held to see if we want random heroes or not
    • Tournament will begin at High Noon (12 p.m.)
  • Smash Bros. Melee & Smash 4
  • Hearthstone
    • Double elimination tournament that starts at 11:30 a.m.
    • Player will pick 4 decks to play throughout the tournament
    • Each player will ban one opponents deck, and must win with their remaining 3 in order to win
    • Sign up form
  • Rocket League
    • Expect Swiss style group stages followed by bracket play
    • Tournament starts at 1 p.m.
    • Sign up form
  • CS:GO
    • Expect round robin groups followed by bracket stage/finals
    • Tournament starts at 2 p.m. unless there are an overwhelming number of sign ups
    • Sign up form


All tournaments will be played until their completion which may potentially take longer than expected.  You need to be able to participate all day in order to receive any prizes.  Please make sure you are free for the day.

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