Final Report and Season Recap

Final Report and Season Recap

Rocket League

KSU Purple remained on top of the open ladder the whole season, and going into the final week, they were ranked 3rd in the country.  Their final two games were both losses, against 5th-ranked Washington University, and a rematch against Ohio State University, who ended up winning the open ladder.  KSU Purple ended their season in 8th place.

KSU White is a team that we have not given enough attention to this semester.  The team, comprised of Brandon “CptnObservant” Pugh, Issac “Iceic” Gutsch, Juan “Modern_Clipz7” Hernandez, and Noah “Juggl3s” Schmeissner, started off their season with an unfortunate 0-2 due to a disconnection issue, but rebounded and went on an amazing 13-game winning streak.  They won the first of their two final games against North Carolina State University, and then lost to California State University – Chico. Their final was 24th in the nation with a final record of 13-3, which was the best among K-State teams.

KSU Powercat, due to time commitments that conflicted with playing, could not finish the final two weeks of the season. They finished ranked 54th.

Heroes of the Storm

Going into week 6, the K-State Heroes of the Storm kicked off with a close series against the University of Minnesota, who won the series 2-1.  They followed up with another loss to the University of California – Berkeley 0-2, the winners of the Heroes of the Dorm tournament in 2015.  They then played the University of Houston B Team, and won 2-0.  The team lost their next three games to Florida State, Tennessee Tech, and the University of La Verne.  The team ended the season with a record of 7-9 and ranked 61st in the final open ladder ranking.


The K-State Overwatch team ended their season in round one of the single-elimination bracket after making it out of regional group stage as one of the top 10 teams in the North region, becoming one of the 52 highest ranked teams in the country, and seeded 39th coming out of the National Swiss tournament, beating Iowa State University and securing a spot in the final single-elimination bracket.  They lost their round one match against Worcester Polytechnic Institute, ending their season ranked 39th in the country.  This left them with an end-of-season record of 9 wins and 5 losses.


The first group stage required teams to be in the top 32 before moving on.  Team “KSU Wildcards” went 2-4 for the season, team “WildKAT” went 3-3, and team “Wildcats rwr xdd” went 4-3.  None of the teams made it to the second round of group stages.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

The K-State CS:GO team’s goals for this season were to continue to grow as a team and to be a 1 or 2 seed going into next season.  They managed to accomplish that and much more this season, started the season by playing an open league where they were placed against several extremely good semi-professional teams. This tested the members and the team structure. During this time, the team worked out all of their problems, enabling them to have an extremely successful season.  The team finished 5-1, with their loss being to Ohio State University, earning them a #2 seed going into next season.  Currently, they are ranked 18th overall and feel that they are able to stand toe to toe with any team in the country right now.  The team has a 4 day boot camp planned during winter break, and they are eager to do well next season. Thanks to everyone who tuned in to watch the team during this season.  They now have their eyes set on making the playoffs in the spring.

Additionally, the team competed in a CS:GO tournament at KCGameOn in early December, where they won the tournament and its top prize of $130.


Picking up where the last report left off, K-State’s DOTA team beat the University of Texas – Dallas 2-0, and UT – San Antonio 2-0.  They also lost to UT – Austin 0-2, who would go on to get the first seed in the first half of the season, undefeated.  Their next game would decide which team got the fourth place seed, with a hard-fought series in which Oregon State came out on top, meaning that Kansas State ended the first half of the season in 5th place in the group.


On behalf of the entire Kansas State University eSports Club, we extend a huge thank you to all of our sponsors, fans, players, and anyone else who supported us throughout the season.  Thanks for making it a great 2017, and we look forward to seeing you in January!

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