Heroes of the Storm Team

Heroes of the Storm Team

This year we have rebuilt our HotS team from the ground up with Cody “Spuce” Baldwin as the only returning player.  He and coach Jared “Syn” Karsmizki looked to recruit players capable of achieving success in Heroes of the Dorm 2018.  They first turned to skilled League of Legends players Jake “Jaykonus” Honas and Tucker “Yabbbyyy” Peirce to fill in the assassin roles, and then turned to tryouts to fill the remaining roster spots.  There, they found Noah “Yurmum” Harvey, Matthew “Programmer” Johnstone, and Ben “ThatOneGuy” Pysher to round out the team.  They have been working every week to improve in order to be ready for the big tournament this spring.

Meet the team

Tucker “Yabbbyyy” Peirce

From: Derby KS
Freshman majoring in Chemical Engineering
I am a League of Legends player who got coerced into joining HotS by the club. I use my raw mechanical skill gained from league to help my team deal damage.


Jake “Jaykonus” Honas

From: Wichita KS
Junior majoring in Management Information Systems
I am the Chromie, and the Chromie is me.


Noah “Yurmum” Harvey

From: Olathe KS
Freshman majoring in Engineering
I like plays HOTS, but the name is just too plain. So as of a year ago, I have started calling it dogs. I like dogs.


Matthew “Programmer” Johnstone

From: Topeka KS
Freshman majoring in Computer Science
Master of web, sass, and memes. I love Blizzard and Nintendo way too much for my own good.


Cody “Spuce” Baldwin

From: Wichita KS
Senior majoring in Computer Science


Ben “ThatOneGuy” Pyher

From: Overland Park KS
Freshman majoring in Mechanical Engineering
I am ThatOneGuy in every kind of context