League of Legends C Team

League of Legends C Team

The League of Legends C Team is our introductory team for League players. It is capped at gold and serves as a stepping stone to improvement.

Captain Dirk “ShyGuy” Humphreys

Mid lane

From: Stuttgart, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany

Junior majoring in Entrepreneurship

Father, student, veteran, and oldest esports player in the club, Dirk started playing video games on an Atari 2600. (Space Invaders anyone?)

Riley “AllAroundGoodGuy” Brockman

From: Hiawatha, KS

Freshman majoring in Biological Systems Engineering


Etham “Efam” Barney


From: Wichita, KS

Junior majoring in Psychology


Jacob “TOAST” Balquier


From: Nebraska City, NE

Freshman open-option

Jacob would like to shout out the people that got him here: Basquiat, Frank Ocean, and that British peanut from the commercials. Much love.