League of Legends A Team

League of Legends A Team

Our League of Legends team is looking to improve on their performance from last year where they fell to Central Michigan in the round of 32 for the North region.  This year we see the return of jungler Tyler “xKoala” Nguyen and mid laner Nigel “Algoo” Algoo.  New additions to the team this year include mid laner Captain Kasey “Mortally Divine” Dixon and bot laner Shivum “Dat Dang Dude” Dang.

Meet The Team

Captain Kasey “Mortally Divine” Dixon

Mid Lane
From: Lenexa Park, Kansas
Junior majoring in Computer Science
Is very good at math

Tyler “UKP xKoala” Nguyen

From: Buhler, Kansas
Junior majoring in Finance
People usually call him the beast in the wild jungle.


Top Lane

Nigel “Algoo” Algoo

Mid Lane Sub
From: Junction City, Kansas
Sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering
I literally pop off in every match. I am too powerful for the rift. I am Pickle Rick.