The 2020-2021 Officers were elected May 4, 2020.

The Officers are dedicated to serving the club, and put forth a significant amount of time and effort every day into furthering the club, its members, and their own development as peers, competitors, and leaders.

President Samantha Rupnick

From: Delia, KS

Junior majoring in Computer Science

Aspiring egirl and future wife of Agilities.

Vice President Juan Bocanegra

From: Junction City, KS

Junior majoring in Management Information Systems with a minor in Leadership Studies

Secretary Sarah DeVader

From: Pittsburgh, PA

Senior majoring in Animal Science and Industry

Secretary DeVader considers herself vertically challenged and thrives on organized chaos. She loves strange animals and can easily be identified in a crowd by the large Rayquaza plush on her shoulders.

Treasurer N/A

Competitive Coordinator Robert Duff

From: Leawood, KS

5th year majoring in Management and Information Systems

I started playing CS:GO shortly after it came out in 2012. I haven’t played any other game since. Love the people, the grind, the atmosphere and thrill of competing. On top of playing too many video games I surprisingly have time for other activities such as sailing, cycling and skiing.

Event Coordinator Samuel Rowe

From: Overland Park, KS

Junior majoring in Computer Engineering

Event Coordinator Rowe joined the club in Fall 2018 when he joined the Overwatch B team as a healer/flex player. From there, he ran for Event Coordinator in Spring 2019. He is studying Computer Engineering, but also enjoys composing and releasing music in his free time (if you want to talk to someone about making your own music, he’s your guy).

Public Affairs Officer Noah Sandford

From: Pittsburg, KS

Sophomore majoring in Computer Science

Public Affairs Officer Sandford “enjoys” playing games like Overwatch, Destiny 2, and other looters and shooters. He also enjoys non-gaming activities such as knitting and crocheting.