The 2019-2020 Officers were elected May 4, 2019.

The Officers are dedicated to serving the club, and put forth a significant amount of time and effort every day into furthering the club, its members, and their own development as peers, competitors, and leaders.

President Braedon Smith

From: Abilene, KS

Junior majoring in Computer Science

President Smith was originally elected Event Coordinator, but was promoted to President upon President Kelly’s resignation. He is dedicated to the club’s future growth and maturation as an organization. Outside of the club, he is a pilot and an officer of the United States Air Force Auxiliary-CAP, serving as the Aerospace Education Officer of the Konza Composite Squadron, based at K-State. He also wishes Blizzard cared about the 99%.

Vice President Alex Boschert

From: Wichita, KS

Junior majoring in Chemical Engineering

The resident Chemical Engineering student in his 3rd year, Vice President Boschert has been part of this club for a whopping semester and managed to become Vice President due to rolling a natural 20 on persuasion. He currently carries The KSU Overwatch A team by strategically feeding as Hammond, Reddit Lucio-ing while his team begs for heals, and/or whiffing sleep darts on stunned targets. He is an avid lover of animals and currently holds a fish tank that is lit AF. Lastly, his political views include: KSU should not make him VPN to voice chat and professors should not schedule 12 exams on the same day.

Secretary Samantha Rupnick

From: Delia, KS

Junior majoring in Computer Science

Aspiring egirl and future wife of Agilities.

Treasurer Samuel McGowan

From: Shawnee, KS

Sophomore majoring in Computer Engineering

Competitive Coordinator Ty Caffrey

From: Shawnee, KS

Sophomore majoring in Computer Science

Competitive Coordinator Caffrey has a special place in his heart for Overwatch, and wants to bring the competitive elements of the club to the highest they can be.

Event Coordinator Samuel Rowe

From: Overland Park, KS

Sophomore majoring in Computer Engineering

Event Coordinator Rowe joined the club in Fall 2018 when he joined the Overwatch B team as a healer/flex player. From there, he ran for Event Coordinator in Spring 2019. He is studying Computer Engineering, but also enjoys composing and releasing music in his free time (if you want to talk to someone about making your own music, he’s your guy).