Overwatch Summer Series 2017 Registration

Overwatch Summer Series 2017 Registration

Registration for the 2017 Overwatch Summer Series has officially begun!

With this announcement comes the opportunity to start building our team for the 2017-2018 eSports season. Like last year, we are looking to take a group of dedicated and determined players, and achieve greatness. Our goal this year is to win scholarship money in the Tespa Collegiate Series in the fall, and to do this we must first create a solid foundation to build a team on.  This process starts with finding and developing talent this summer.


What it takes to join

If you are interested in playing at the collegiate level, improving as a player, playing with a team, or just having fun, we highly encourage you to participate. We are interested in and willing to take all players, no matter the skill level.  Since this tournament is intended to be a low stakes developmental one, we aren’t looking to win it all right now, but rather groom ourselves for future success.  Our biggest expectations from people on our teams, is to maintain a positive attitude and the ability to take constructive criticism.  It is impossible to win 100% of the time, but players who take out their frustrations on their team will not be tolerated.  In addition to this, a team needs to be able to help each other improve, and players are expected to not react negatively when receiving necessary criticism.


Details on tournament and how to sign up for our team(s)

Tespa’s Overwatch Summer Series will be a summer league where teams compete every weekend starting July 16th until  August 27th.  each week, teams will be scheduled to play against other teams of similar league standing and skill.  A team can play up to 3 matches a week, but isn’t required to.  They will indicate how many matches they would like for a given weekend ahead of time, and scheduled accordingly. The league format will effectively play like a ranked ladder with the top 16 teams at the end winning prizes. First place will win Reaper Statues that are effectively worth $150, while everyone else will win various amounts of Blizzard funds, pending on the place they finish.  Matches will be scheduled between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. central time, every Sunday, but teams can agree to reschedule matches for earlier if they so choose.

For full tournament information click HERE

to sign up for our program/teams fill out the form found HERE

We hope that you are willing to join us as we aim to achieve success this fall.

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