Rocket League – Team Powercat

Rocket League – Team Powercat

Team Powercat

Team Powercat is the second team that we put together to try and qualify for CRL conference play.  They put up a great performance, making it into the top 16 each week.  The team originally formed with Malachi “Taxicab” Wallace, Aaron “Ratatat Fat” Hellinger, and Peter “Nebulous” Fontaine.  After a few weeks of the play on the open ladder we saw Taxicab switch with Team Purple’s Joey “Sears” Sears.  They look to continue their performance going into next semester, and continue to improve and become one of the best teams in the nation.

Meet the Team

Aaron “Ratatat Fat” Hellinger

From: Oklahoma
Grad Student studying in Nuclear Engineering
I’m just your typical resident amputee


Joey “Sears” Sears

From: Valley Center KS
Sophomore majoring in Architecture
I am the kind of person to struggle with writing descriptions about myself. I love Rocket League and I spend most of my off time in studio doing homework.


Peter “Nebulous” Fontaine

From: Mission KS
Freshman majoring in Mathematics
I’ve been playing rocket league since high school and our “Rocket League League.” Just can’t put it down, win or lose it’s always a good time.