Rocket League – Team Purple

Rocket League – Team Purple

Team Purple

Team Purple came the closest to qualifying for conference play of the Collegiate Rocket League in the two open qualifiers, being knocked out by teams that went on to qualify in very close series.  They have been performing exceptionally well in the Open Ladder, nearly qualifying as a wildcard seed for the CRL playoffs.  The team formed at the start of the fall semester with Ben “Yief” Hartman, Zach “Gumby” Dare, and Joey “Sears” Sears.  The team swapped Sears with Malachi “Taxicab” Wallace from Powercat about 2/3rds the way through the season.  Overall the team is in position for a top 3 finish in the open ladder.

Meet the Team


Malachi “Taxicab” Wallace

From: Newton KS
Junior majoring in Nuclear Engineering
Plays video games more than he sleeps. Isn’t original enough to come up with a username on his own, so instead bases it off of in-game items. Can’t carry a team because he’s too scrawny.


Ben “Yief” Hartman

From: Olathe KS
Sophomore majoring in Business Administration
I like to have fun by pretending to be good at Rocket League. I also enjoy watching movies and hanging out with friends.


Zach “Gumby” Dare


From: Overland Park KS
Freshmen majoring in Architectural Engineering
Zach, raised in Overland Park, Kansas, can best be described by others as a friendly and honorable individual who deeply cares about his family and friends. Other than playing Rocket League, he enjoys spending his free time hanging out with friends and playing basketball or volleyball. Zach’s tall and slender stature give him the nickname “Gumby”.