Overwatch – TCS: Overwatch

The 2016 Tespa Collegiate  Series: Overwatch was an extremely entertaining tournament.  This was very prominent with the extremely competitive North Region that featured Michigan State, University of Cincinnati, University of Toronto, and Kansas State duking it out for the top spot.  When any of these 4 teams meet in the playoffs it went the full distance and game 5 determined the winner.  In the end Toronto wound up on top and went on to finish 2nd in the tournament, and we finished top 16 which was just short of $7000 in scholarships.  Look for our team to bounce back and go for another solid run at the North region and the TCS.


League of Legends – uLoL

Riots annual spring tournament uLoL is always one to watch in the world of college esports.  This years tournament featured a great play in system that allowed us to reach our best ever finish. Although we technically lost to Central Michigan in the round of 32 North playoffs, it was due to an unfortunate internet disconnect for 3 players, right as we were attacking the nexus to take the series.  We still count it as a victory mentally though and consider ourselves top 64 in the country.  This year we plan to put in more practice and macro training to try in an effort to defeat fellow North region rival KU.


Hearthstone – TCS: Hearthstone

This tournament had the twist of 3 players being able to collaborate on their plays.  It was also host to the most cutthroat regional group stage of the year, with teams needing to go 5-2 in order to advance, only to then advance to another 7 game group stage needing to got 6-1 to guarantee advancement. K-State had 3 teams enter and after 2 weeks their records were 1-1, 0-2, and 0-2. The first team sitting at 1-1 ended up losing out and dropping at 1-3, and the second team managed to do the same. However the 3rd team, not wanting to quit rallied to end the first group stage at 5-2.  In the second group stage they again started 0-2, needing to rely on a tiebreaker to advance if they won out. The rally began and they pulled to 4-2, before getting knocked out by a Pirate Warrior that top-decked lethal, the turn before they themselves could win.  This year we hope to follow through on the rally and make it to the round of 64 and win some scholarship money.


Counter Strike – CSL

Last year we were unable to give CS:GO the attention it deserved, but a group was able to self organize and managed to improve on the past season’s performance.  They managed to make the playoffs, but got eliminated by UCLA who went on to win in the finals.


Heroes of the Storm – Heroes of the Dorm

Although this MOBA may not be the most popular, Kansas State has always been a forced to be reckoned with in the annual Heroes of the Dorm tournament, and we owe it everything our club now has.  The first one back in 2015 was quite the big deal, with over 800 teams entered and 4 years of college tuition for the champion.  On top of this ESPN was going to broadcast the final 16 teams on national television.  A group of seven guys came together and dominated nearly everyone they played against.  They made it to the round of 16 and gave this club something to rally behind, and receive support from the college.  This past year the most unlikely group of people came together and advance to the regional playoffs.  Although they came up just a match short of the round of 64,  they proved that with a little more drive and direction that Kansas State can once again become a force to be reckoned with.  That direction the team needs will be present this year with the return of the original teams shot caller. We hope to put up a big performance with the huge goal of top 4.


Rocket League – TCS: Rocket League*

The game that took the world by storm.  Rocket League has continued to grow as an esport in the past year, and this year it plans on expanding to the college level.  Psyonix and Tespa have partnered up to provide a stable stage for the collegiate scene.  Currently we are looking for players for our the Summer Series, with hopes to transition that into a successful team for TCS league that was basically announced with the announcement of the Summer Series.