Weekly eSports Report #2

Weekly eSports Report #2

Welcome to the second weekly eSports report, where we will be giving updates on our competitive teams based on their performances throughout the week(s).  This report will contain the last three weeks’ worth of games, and we’ll begin with Rocket League.

Rocket League

On week 3, KSU Powercat went 2-0 against Illinois State Red 3-2, and Austin Community College 3-1, and followed up in week 4 with another 2 wins, this time against the University of Maryland Red 1 and Illinois State Black, both won 3 games to 1.  Week 5 did not go as well, with the number 8 ranked Saints from St. Clair and number 9 ranked Florida Polytechnic – Phoenix both defeating Team Powercat.  This puts Team Powercat ranked number 27, with a record of 6 wins, 4 losses.

KSU Purple lost both week 3 games, going down 2-3 versus Purdue and 1-3 versus Ohio State.  The following week, they were defeated by the University of Florida Gators 1-3, but turned it around with a 3-0 wipe of the University of Texas A Team.  In week 5, Purple got a respectable 1-1 record, winning a hard-fought battle against the Huskies of Michigan Technological University 3 games to 2, and losing another to Georgia Southern University 2-3.  Team Purple is now ranked number 12, with a record of 7 wins, 3 losses.

Heroes of the Storm

The KSU Heroes of the Storm team went 2-0 for week 3, edging out Technically Better A of Dakota State 2-1 and the Urban Nights of the Academy of Art University by forfeit.  The following week, KSU lost 2 straight series to last year’s Heroes of the Dorm champion, Arizona State, and top 16 competitor UConn.  For week 5, it was a 2-0 win against “I’m Vegan” from the University of Calgary, and a loss to the University of Houston 1-2.  This puts HotS at a record of 6 wins, 4 losses for the season, and a rank of 41 out of 102 competitors, placing them well within the Round of 64.


The KSU Overwatch A Team went 1-1 in week 3, beating Purdue 2-1 and losing to the University of Illinois Chicago 1-2.  Week 4 saw Overwatch wipe McMaster University eSports 2-0, and a loss to Michigan State 0-2.  In Week 5, KSU beat St. Clair 2-0 and Queens University 2-0 to pick up another 2 wins, putting them at a record of 6-2 and a rank of 6th in the North division.

Next week, KSU Overwatch plays the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and Miami University of Ohio.  They must win one of those series to qualify for the Nationals tournament.


KSU Wildcards Hearthstone lost their round 3 game versus “ShotThroughDaHearth” from Northern Illinois University 1-3, wiped the Flying Dutchmen from Hope College 3-0 in round 4, and lost in round 5 0-3 to the Wisps of Tinyfin from the University of Regina.  They are currently slated to play their round 6 match against the University of Toronto’s “Registration Closed” on Halloween.  Their current record is 2-3.

KSU WILDKAT wiped the Lotus Nighthawks from the University of Northern Iowa 3-0 in round 3, was wiped 0-3 by the University of Chicago Maroons in round 4, and in round 5, won by forfeit against Goldy’s Ringers from the University of Minnesota, putting them at a record of 3-2.  They are scheduled to play in round 6 versus Aurora University’s “DogTakeYourShirtOff!”

KSU “Wildcat Rwr Xdd” beat the University of Kentucky Wildcats 3-2 in round 3, in round 4, they beat the “Boiler RNG Gods” of Purdue 3-2, and in round 5, broke their win streak, losing to “RNGesus Carry Us” of McMaster University 0-3.  This puts their record at 4-1 and their North division rank at 11.  In week 6, they are scheduled to play “Will Throw for Exalts” from the University of Iowa.

Counter Strike:  Global Offensive

After practicing since August in the Cevo IM league, where the KSU CS:GO team placed against some strong opponents, the team was feeling very confident going into week 1 of the CSL season. Game 1 was against Northern Iowa University’s “Panther eSports Purple.”  The team won the knife round and started out on the counter-terrorist side which, against their weaker terrorist side, which lacked good strategy, ended the first half 13-2. On the terrorist side, the team lost the pistol round and our first buy round, but was able to gain momentum back by winning an eco round. After that, the team was able to run a couple of the plays from their book and secure the 16-6 win on Nuke. We made sure to save some strats for the Spring when it really mattered. Our game in week 2 was against Ohio State University a much stronger team that would prove hard to beat. The game was played on Cache, a map that the team is very strong on. Unfortunately, several team members suffered severe ping issues early into the game. Even though we started the game on the terrorist side, the unfavored side, and were up 7-1, once the ping hit, not much could be done. KSU ended up losing the game 9-16, but has set their eyes on beating friends and local rivals Wichita State University next week.  Currently, KSU has a record of 1-1.

Watch a highlight from KSU vs. Team Ignis of the University of Illinois:


This year the K-State eSports club is trying to start our DOTA program back up, and we have an all new roster to help and secure Kansas State’s place in collegiate eSports. This year on the Powercats eSports roster we have Jacob “IroH” Gosen in position 1, Alby “AREYNALDY” Tollison in position 2, Brandon “CookieDoughB13” Koch in position 3, John “SenoraPineapples” Andra in position 5, and Trey “Tevont” Price in position 4. We opened our season against one of the toughest competitors in the Midwest 1 division, in the “DOTA RED” team from the University of Houston. The Powercats put up a strong show in the first set but after a series of tough team fights the Powercats were defeated. The team came back ready to fight in the second set. After a rough start the Powercats tried to claw their way back from a gold deficit leading to another rough loss ending in the Powercats losing the match.

A week later the Powercat eSports team was back in action for the second game of the season, with Jake “Jakecookies323” Koch subbing for John “SenoraPineapples” Andra in position 5. On Saturday we faced off against the DOTA team from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The team came out swinging trying to pick up their first win of the season. In the first set, Powercat eSports finished with power picks all over the map. The match may have only lasted 24 minutes, but it was packed from start to finish. Averaging a kill per minute, the Powercats took a commanding win over UTRGV, with a perfect game from Alby “AREYNALDY” Tollison with six total kills on his Ursa and an almost perfect game from Jacob “IroH” Gosen with 13 kills and only one death with his Outworld Devourer. In the second set of the day, the Powercats were incredibly successful in the draft phase and went into the second set with another powerful team composition. This game just like the first one averaged just a little bit under a kill a minute from the Powercats once again, Jacob “IorH” Gosen finished with a total of 13 kills on his Terrorblade, and this time our sub Jake “Jakecookies323” Koch finished with a perfect game on his Lich pick with four kills and 11 assists. The Powercats now sit at 1-1 on the season and are currently right in the middle of their division sitting in 4th place going in to week #3. Powercat eSports will try and attempt to knock off one of the three undefeated teams in our division as we go head to head against the DOTA team from Washington University in Saint Louis!

In the third week of the season, the Powercats took on the DOTA team from Washington University in Saint Louis. Going in to this week we knew this would be a tough game and we battled hard to try and take down one of the undefeated members in our division. We went in to set one feeling confident after last week’s powerful win and we left the first draft phase feeling good about their team composition. As the first game began and the team immediately knew that this week’s match would be much tougher then last weeks. The Powercats put up a tough fight with skillful showings from the entire team. The Powercats held on tight until the very end when a series of rough team fights lead to the Powercats loss in the first set of the day. As the second set began, the team was ready to fight back and make up their loss in set number two. Sadly, the Powercats had a rough early game and gave a lead to Washington University early, by the time the Powercats finally hit their stride, it was already too late, and Washington University had stretched the lead too far. After a long struggle the Powercats fell in set two as well. The Powercats are now 1-2 on the season and are sitting in 5th place in the Midwest 1 division. We have two games coming up very soon, with our match against the University of Texas Dallas on Saturday, November 4th and then another match on Tuesday November 7th against the University of Texas Austin. Our match against UT will be live streamed on the CSL Twitch at approximately 9pm CST, so don’t forget to come out and support your Powercat DOTA team!

This concludes the second eSports report.  We thank you for reading and hope you return next week.

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